Kohler K-14292 Moxie Wall-Mount Lavatory
Kohler K-14292 Moxie Wall-Mount Lavatory

Hello, Everyone! Today's feature:  Designer Jamie Drake talks about the inspiration for this glamorous, colorful powder room. My favorite design features in this room are the stainless steel mesh-wood screen, the shaded sconces, the toilet, the Moxie lavatory, the mother-of-pearl polka-dot laquered panel and the striped swag chair. This powder room looks like beautiful art!

Southern Lady: Gracious Tables: The Perfect Setting for Any Occasion
Southern Lady: Gracious
Tables: The Perfect Setting
for Any Occasion
Bella Signature Designs

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured staging designs are by Bella Signature Design. Watch as they assemble and stage the lovliest, elegant, luxuriously colorful table setting I've ever seen! The tablescape is absolutely divine! I can imagine dining at that table in a gorgeous place with dim lighting and candle-light ambience.

I discovered Bella Signature Design when I was searching the term 'bella' in my browser, for another post. I clicked on their website link, 'Bella Signature Design' thinking I'd clicked only 'bella' to get the search results page. I was delighted at the accidental discovery, particularly so after seeing their site's YouTube logo and viewing this video, because I love to share the beautiful design works of others!

I think you all will agree that their tablescape is stunning! For more of Bella Signature Design, you may check out their website (link above) and their blog, 'Bella Signature Design', as well. Enjoy!


Kohler Pedicure Spa K-163-0

Hello, Everyone! Today's feature: Designer Laura Bohn discusses her vision for this tranquil, spa-style bathroom. This bathroom does look like one in which I'd want to linger in after a rose-scented bubble-bath or shower, lounging on the chaise in a thick, luxurious terry cloth robe, reading a book, with essential-oil-scented beeswax candles burning while listening to instrumental jazz or classical music, with a snack-bowl of mixed nuts and a drizzle of raw honey on them. To say the least, this bathroom's tranquility-inducing design is inspiring!

Valentino V By Valentino For Men, Eau De Toilette Spray, 3.3-Ounce Bottle
ValentinoV for Men, 3.3 ounces

Valentino V By Valentino For Women. Eau De Parfum Spray 3.0 Oz Tester.
Valentino V for Women, 3.0 ounces

Spring 2011 Valention Ready-to-Wear Collection

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured fashion designs are from the Valentino Ready-to-Wear (RTW) Spring 2011 Collection.

Some of my favorites garments in this collection are the cream ruffles jacket w/ shorts, the black lace top w/ shorts, the rosy gown, and the silvery teal dress.  Lovely designs!

Parking Lot Marks

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured image is, 'Parking Lot Markings 2', a photograph of the surface of a parkine lot. It is the photographic work of DL Ritter and depicts an aesthetic described as one of beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent and incomplete".

As I look at 'Parking Lot Markings 2' I see a beautiful abstract art image deserving of just-right framing. I think it would make a wonderful work of art in a room/office of steel-gray and platinum-gray decor.

©2010-2011 DL Ritter

Christian Bothner Photography

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured designs are gorgeous photographic images by Photographer Christian Bothner. As Bothner states, 'I am a passionate photographer who loves to encapsulate moments of the Earth's most extraordinary places'. His work is outstandingly beautiful! See for yourself!


Among my favorite photographs of this presentation are:

  • the castle scenery on the cover & 56
  • the dusky coastal scenery at 3
  • the coastal scenery at 4
  • the autumn scenery at 5
  • the pristine lake, mountain & cloud scenery at 9
  • the chapel, Christmas tree & snowy mountain scenery at 10
  • the bridge & city scenery at 16
  • the architectural scenery at 17
  • the architectural scenery at 19
  • the bridge scenery at 25
  • the bridge scenery at 26
  • the architecture & bridge scenery at 29
  • the architectural scenery at 31
  • the walrus-like rocks & water scenery at 32
  • the rocks & water scenery at 33
  • the  azure blue water scenery at 34
  • the coastal scenery at 35
  • the sea scenery at 36
  • the copper rocks & azure blue sea scenery at 37
  • the city & bridge scenery at 40
  • the city scenery at 45
  • the azure blue & white architecture and coastal scenery at 49
  • the  coastal town scenery at 51
  • the green hills scenery at 55
  • the night-time castle scenery at 57
  • the island scenery at 58
  • the coastal scenery at 60
  • the grass-covered mountain scenery at 62
  • the coastal scenery at 63
  • the coastal scenery at 64
  • the mountains and bridge scenery at 66
  • the castle scenery at 67
  • the scenery at 69
  • the desert scenery at 70 & 71
  • the cave scenery at 72, 78 & 79
  • the coastal scenery at 73 & 74
  • the sea scenery at 75 & 76

I believe you'll enjoy Christian Bothner's photography, too! You can view his beautiful images at Bothner Images, as well.  I'm

Jacques Garcia: Decorating in the French Style
by Franck Ferrand
The Jacques Garcia Furniture Collection

Hello, Everyone! Today's feature: Furniture Designer Jacques Garcia talks about the importance of style-longevity in his collection for Baker.

Garcia's goal with his furniture collection was to make refined, elegant, classical shapes that are not a fad nor trendy, while making it comfortable, as well.  His collection is gorgeous, to say the least, and I believe he's achieved all of his design goals for this collection! See for yourself.

Art of Paper Quilling: Designing Handcrafted Gifts and Cards
Art of Paper Quilling:
Designing Handcrafted
Gifts & Cards
Stunning Paper Art by Carlos Meira

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured designs are by Paper Artisan, Carlos Meira. Meira was born in Rio de Janeiro and his artistic endeavors began when he joined the printmaking course at the School of Fine Arts at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. You can learn more about Carlos Meira in slide 2 of this presentation. 

So many of Meira's items are gorgeous! I marvel at the level of skill it must take, and that he has, to create such beautiful art of paper! Among my favorites in this presentation are:

  • the cover scene
  • Santa on 3
  • the scene at 4
  • the scene and trio at 8
  • the belle at 9 & 10
  • the grande belle at 11
  • the dancer at 12
  • the belle at 13
  • the dancer at 14
  • the duo at 15
  • the trio at 16
  • the duo at 17
  • the 'starry-eyed' one at 18
  • the two scenes at 19
  • the scene at 20
  • the violinist at 21
  • the athletes at 22 & 23
  • the globe at 27
  • the jungle at 28 & 30
  • the scenes at 29
  • the classroom scene at 33
  • the scene at 36
  • the tropical beach at 43
  • the tree-filled scene at 45
  • the scenes at 47
  • the leaves at 49
  • 'Marilyn' at 50
  • the gown, boquet & petals at 52
  • the flyer & cover at 53

Never before have I seen such exquisite paper art.  It's so beautiful, I'd like to own an original of each of my favorites listed above! I believe you will enjoy this presentation, too. You will see more detail if you view it 'fullscreen'. To view it 'fullscreen' click on 'menu' at the bottom-left corner of the Slideshare widget. To see more of Carlos Meira's work, like these, click on the link above, then click 'Portfolio' and then click 'Exposicao'.


KOHLER K-16254-CP Margaux Towel Ring, Polished Chrome
Kohler Margaux Towel Ring
Polished Chrome
Kohler Margaux Line

Laundry Room and Au Pair Bathroom

Hello, Everyone! Today's feature: Regina Callan, Developer and Designer, discusses the unique design and sustainable features in this laundry room and an au pair bathroom with 'Honed White' lavatory and toilet with 'Margaux' fixtures. I really like the look of 'Honed White' and 'Margaux' together; beautiful!

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Kohler K-4819-HW1 Reve Vessels Lavatory, Honed White
Kohler Reve Vessels Lavatory,
Honed White

Honed White

Hello, Everyone! Today's feature: Kohler’s Mike Terrill talks about a new, matte white surface for a wide variety of toilets and lavatories. I think the 'Honed White' surface is gorgeous on these bathroom items! See if you agree.

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Architectural Renderings
by Fabio Schillaci
Interactive Floorplan by MediaLab3D

Hello, Everyone! Today's feature: MediaLab 3D Studio. MediaLab 3D Studio is a leader in creating 3D instructional animations for all types of consumer products. The animations are designed for the Web, POP and e-learning applications. Also, MediaLab 3D provides an alternative to traditional product silhouette and set photography via innovative 3D applications. Additional services and samples of their work can be seen on http://www.medialab3dstudio.com/.
The first video, below, is an introduction to MediaLab 3D's capabilities. The second video features one of their projects, 'Richmond American Interactive Floorplan'. The interactive floor plan features include square footage calculations, base pricing, suggested furniture layouts, room dimensions that can be turned on and off, and reversible plan. When a home buyer is ready, they can print a customized brochure including optional elevations, a map with driving directions, standard features and additional upgrades. View more of their video portfolio at Medialab 3D Studio YouTube

Thank-you, @MediaLab3D for sharing with us, via @Chaella!
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Markings of a Parking Lot

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured image is, 'Parking Lot Markings 1' a photograph of the marks in a parking lot. It is the photographic work of DL Ritter and depicts an aesthetic described as one of beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent and incomplete".

When I look at 'Parking Lot Markings 1' I see a beautiful abstract art image deserving of just-right framing.

©2010 DL Ritter

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Design Ideas for Bathrooms (2nd edition)
by Susan Boyle Hilstrom

Powder Room Design: Arcadian Chapel

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured design theme is 'Arcadian Chapel', a cathedral-inspired powder room, by Paul Sherrill, Designer. In this video, Sherrill talks about his vision for this classically influenced, chapel-like powder room.

I think so much of this powder room is absolutely gorgeous: the color palette, the paint finish, the Botticelli™ lavatory sink basin, the floor tiles, the arch dome, the columns & pilasters, the mirror frame, the sink basin's pedestal, the faucet set, the towel bars! See if you agree.

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The Essence of Style: How the French Invented High Fashion, Fine Food, Chic Cafes, Style, Sophistication, and Glamour
'The Essence of Style:
 How the French
Invented High Fashion ...'
Celine RTW Fall 2010

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured designs are by Fashion Designer, Phoebe Philo for Celine.

The fashions are an exceptional line of ready-to-wear garments. Phoebe Philo has revived the fashion house/label of Celine with her designs, and made it a touchstone for modern sportswear.

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Steel I-Beam Texture

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured image is, 'Steel I-Beam Texture' a photograph of an industrial I-Beam's surface. It is the photographic work of DL Ritter and depicts an aesthetic described as one of beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent and incomplete".

When I look at 'Steel I-Beam Texture' I see a beautiful abstract painting-like art image deserving of just-right framing.

©2010 DL Ritter

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'Lanvin' - the oldest surviving
couture house, founded by
Madame Jeanne Lanvin.

Lanvin Ready To Wear Fall 2010 Collection

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured designs are Lanvin's Ready-to-Wear Fall 2010 fashion collection by Alber Elbaz. There are so many items that I think are beautiful in this collection, and among them are the following:
  • the black dress at 0:19
  • the black suit at 0:35
  • the dress at 1:20
  • the coat/dress at 1:31
  • the dress at 1:51
  • the suit at 2:00
  • the dress at 2:10
  • the dress at 2:27
  • the coat at 2:50
  • the dress at 4:21 & 4:27
  • the leather dress at 4:47
  • the coat at 5:00 and the shoes
  • the coat and shoes at 5:21
  • the red coat at 5:44
  • the creamy dress and shoes at 6:56

Absolutely gorgeous fashion designs!

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Organza By Givenchy For Women. Eau De Parfum Spray 3.3 Ounces
'Organza' Eau de Parfum 3.3 oz.
by Givency

Givenchy Ready To Wear Fall 2010 Collection

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured designs are from Givency. The alpine sweaters are beautiful, as are the ski-themed ensembles. My favorite piece is at 1:37 and 1:39, on the video; it's a beautiful, unique velvet top/dress.

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Photographer's Market Guide to Building Your Photography Business
by Vik Orenstein

Alan Babbitt Fine Art Photography

Today's post features the photography of Alan Babbit. I've included the YouTube and Vimeo videos featuring some his work; you can choose the one you want to view and embed.  Learn a bit about Babbit in his own words, below:

Confessions of a Photography Addict

"I was a kid when it started - a mere innocent. My folks got me a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye - my 1st camera. "Here kid", they said. "Enjoy it". What they should have said was, "Here kid. first one's free."

It was nothing at first, a 12 exposure roll here - couple of flash bulbs there. Before I knew it, I fell in with a fast crowd - hanging out in dark rooms!. Experimenting with CHEMICALS!!

It was then I started to break the rules. I began ignoring "NO TRESPASSING" signs. Sometimes, just for the thrill, I'd tilt the camera so the horizon WASN'T HORIZONTAL!!! Finally, I had to get a paper route & sell seeds door to door to feed my habit.

I did try to seek help. I joined a therapy group for photo addicts based on the "12 Stop" program. It didn't click. Everywhere I looked, people were selling film, never once asking for an ID.

Soon, I was out on the streets again, always angling for that next shot. Oh, I'd do anything to get high - climb trees, poles, fences, stairs - I had no pride. It got so I didn't care what people thought as I lay in the street with my wide angle lens stuck out there for all to see.

I hit bottom in Amsterdam. In a Koda-crazed state, I strapped on every piece of gear I'd brought - 2 cameras, 4 lenses, 4 kinds of film, light meters, filters, batteries and a tripod - and walked into town to shoot. Powerful images everywhere - wonderful architecture - smiling faces - magical light - scrumptious french fries. I couldn't crank a frame." ~ Alan Babbit

Read more of the humorous 'Confessions of a Photography Addict'.  To learn more about Photographer, Alan Babbitt, see more of his work and to purchase it, please visit his gallery on DiscoveredArtists.com:

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