Hello, Everyone! Today's featured Photographer is Atsushi Shimizu of Tokyo, Japan. Shimizu likes Tokyo and Japan, and is proud to be Japanese. Atsushi Shimizu states, "Japan is a very beautiful country, there is a beautiful culture." Being born in January, one of Shimizu's favorite videos is 'January in Japan', featured below. After viewing 'January in Japan' today, it is one of my favorites, too.  To learn more about Atsushi Shimizu, please check out Shimizu's about.me page. Below, is a snippet of Atsushi Shimizu's page!

Mars Castro, Drummer, Entrepreneur & Freelance Photographer

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured Photographer is Mars Castro. Castro plays drums and is an entrepreneur that loves to travel. Also, he is a freelance photographer. He photographs glamour photography, in the studio and on location. View Mars Castro's About.me page to learn more about him and his work(s)!

Desiree Colonna, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bella Web Design, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured Designer is Desiree Colonna, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bella Web Design, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia. Bella Web Design, Inc., is an award-winning, Atlanta-based company that provides a full range of web design and online marketing services. Not only is Colonna the CEO, Desiree is a WordPress expert, and an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant (ICC), one of only two-hundred in the world!

Desiree Colonna founded Bella Web Design in 1998, following a successful career as an analyst for Delta Air Lines. Since the company's launch. Colonna has created a track record of success and profitability for Bella Web Design, Inc. , which has helped companies in the US, Germany, Italy, France, Canada, Columbia and England build and maintain a strong online presence with services such as compelling website design, Infusionsoft set-up and consulting, web-hosting, email marketing, and social media consulting. 

There are more great details to know about this successful, award-winning company and CEO Desiree Colonna, so, please view Desiree's About.me Page!

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured Artisan is DaMonique McAllister of Connecticut. Since her early years, art has always been her passion. Over the years, her talent for it has grown and her skill has been refined through a variety of experiences, both scholarly and leisurely. She's been fortunate enough to gain many friends and clients through those experiences, as art has become a part of her personal growth.

By face painting during the summers for many occasions like birthday parties, reunions and even neighborhood events, McAllister's, Face-Painter & Sculptor skills have increased and allowed her to launch a Face-Painting business. For McAllister it is a life-lesson in working with children that have a wide variety of personalities.  With four younger siblings, her patience in working with youth, comes in handy and makes work so much more fun!

To learn more about DaMonique McAllister, please check out her about.me page. Below, is a snippet of her page!

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured Artist is Phil Haultain of Pleasant Hill, California.  Haultain is a Digital Artist, Professional Driver, occasional Actor at Neon Sky films, Voice Actor, and most recently, a Woodwork Artist. He is self-taught with Photoshop, Bryce 3D-Rendering, and other interesting filters he finds.  Haultain is a new Photographer, too.

To learn more about Phil Haultain, please check out his about.me page. Below, is a snippet of his page!

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured Artist is Cerqueira Carmen.  She is an Interior Designer and Painter.  Her capabilities/interests include Paintings, Ceramics, Handmade Furniture, Handmade Pillows, and Interior Arts in General.  Key points for her are 'Expressing the Arts without borders', and 'Giving wings to imagination'.

To learn more about Cerqueira Carmen, please check out her about.me page. Below, is a snippet of her page!

Today's Featured Design Consultant + Web Developer

Web Developer and Design Consultant, Dennis Kipkogei

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured Web Developer + Design Consultant is Dennis Kipkogei of Nairobi, Kenya. Kipkogei's services include Web Design, Web Development, Computer Repair & Maintenance, as well as Product Management.  To learn more about Dennis Kipkogei, please check out his about.me page. Below, is a snippet of his page!

Hannah Craft, Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured Designer is Hannah Craft of Gainesville, Florida (USA). Craft is a recent graduate of Santa Fe College with a passion for Graphic Design. She has a background in Studio Art which took her into Illustration. Later, she decided to pursue a degree in Graphic Design. Her interests include photography, fashion & art magazines, as well as advertising. Craft is looking forward to starting her professional design career with others that share her love for great design. To learn more about Hannah Craft, please check out her about.me page. Below, is a snippet of her page!

Ying Cai, CEO & Fashion Designer at YingCai, Inc.

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured Fashion Designer is Ying Cai of New York, New York (USA). 
Ying Cai grew up watching her mother sew, draft patterns, and do sketches for her and her families' whole wardrobe. Another fashion inspiration was her uncle's ownership of a few major clothing manufacturing facilities in south Asia that produce many lines for major designers, all over the world.

At the age of four, Cai started to draw, play music, and dance. At the age of twelve, she started professional ballet training with her coaches from the Kirov Ballet (St. Petersburg). Five years later, Cai was accepted to the Beijing Dance Academy and awarded a scholarship. Cai's nine years of studying dance gave her a great understanding of how to bring out the positive aspects of different body types (with fashion). At the same time, she understood that ballet was not for her.

In 2004, the same year she graduated from college, Ying Cai was granted a fellowship to pursue her Master of Art in the United States. During grad school, she discovered her enormous passion for, and interest in, fashion.  She decided to go to New York before graduation.

Tiffany Ford - Virtual Assistant &Graphic Designer

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured Graphic Designer is Tiffany Ford of Melbourne, Florida (USA). Ford is a Virtual Assistant for agents. Specifically, she specializes in Social Media Marketing and Internet Marketing for REMAX agents. She does their Social Media and Internet Marketing so, they can focus on what they do best (selling, etcetera). To learn more about Tiffany Ford, please check out her about.me page. Below, is a snippet of her page!

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured Designer is Richard M. Fritzler of Atlanta, GA. Fritzler is an   Illustrator and Designer. People know him as a go-to guy for both simple and difficult, detailed work. He's well-known in the medical, scientific and government publishing industry, as a Designer and Illustrator. Fritzler has won various Art & Design awards, including illustrations in over fifty medical books, and hopes to design your next publication and create your next set of illustrations. To learn more about Richard Fritzler, please check out his about.me page. Below, is a snippet of his page!

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured Designer is Jobin Thomas of Coimbatore, in India. Thomas is active freelance Motion Graphics Designer. To learn more about Jobin Thomas, please check out his about.me page. Below, is a snippet of his page!

Hello, Friends! Today's featured Designer is Ivette Nunez Grijalva. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania & New York. Ivette is a graduate (2012) from the Universidad Catolica de Santiago de Guayaquil (UCSG) Graphic Design & Advertising Production Management programs.

She's excited to be involved in editorial design, illustration, advertising, social media, non-profit organizations, photography productions and any creative field that supports a great cause.

Things she loves are photography, illustration, books, social media, good food, exploring new cities, Sci-Fi movies, friends, family, cute and small design stuff, and of course the love of her life... her beautiful Dalmatian!

To learn more about Ivette Nunez G., please check out her about.me page. Below, is a snippet of her page!

Good Day, Everyone! Today's featured Designer/Art Director is Nicolas Denis of France. Denis is a French Art Director and Visual Designer living in France and has been a Freelancer since 2009. He specializes in Web Design for sport brands and marketing services. However, he does branding and all kinds of graphic works, too. He's married, has two boys and likes surfing and cruising on his longboard, near the ocean when he can. To learn more about Nicolas Denis, please check out his about.me page. Below, is a snippet of his page!

 Hello, Friends! Today's featured Designer-Photographer is Alejandro Zuñiga G. of Santiago de Chile. Alejandro is inspired to create with the assurance that things could always be done better. He loves his family, work, wildlife, countryside, contact with nature, playing sports and spending free time with people that enjoy life.  To learn more about Alejandro, please check out his about.me page. Below, is a snippet of his page!

An image of Estela Caballero's, (Photographer, Blogger, Writer and Artist) about.me page

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured Photographer is Estela Caballero of Oregon (United States). In addition to being a Photographer, Caballero is a Blogger, Writer and Artist. On her blog, 4utu.wordpress.com, she covers such topics as Art, Autism, Lupus, and Intentional Leadership. Also, Caballero features Mexican Food, Cultura y Historia (Culture & History), Children's Stories, Poetry, Short Stories, Fake Breaking News, as well as Landscapes, Gardens and Flower Power Photographs.  I learned of Caballero's blog during the first week of June

An image of Catalina Cerva's (Animator, Character Designer and Storyboardist) about.me page

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured Designer is Catalina Cerva of Santiago, Chile. Cerva's expertise is in Post-production, 2D and 3D Animation, Illustration, 3D Art and Storyboards.  To learn more about Catalina Cerva, please check out her about.me page!

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured Designer is Anne Rufin of France. Rufin is a recent graduate and holds a Master in 3D Animation from Bournemouth University. She specializes in Animation and Visual Development. To see Anne Rufin's Character Design Portfolio, and learn more about her work, please check out her about.me page. Below, is a snippet of her page and a video presentation of some of her work!

An image of Zoran Pavlović's, Graphic Designer & Illustrator About.me page

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured Designer is Zoran Pavlović of Serbia.  Pavlović is an award-winning Graphic Designer and Illustrator.  To learn more about Zoran Pavlović, please check out  their about.me page

An image of L@PEBO's (Lars-Peter Boehme's), Website Designer about.me page

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured Website Designer is Lars-Peter Boehme (L@PEBO) of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.  L@PEBO does Website Design and a suite of services that coordinate with online presences. He is looking for projects/jobs/orders in pre-press, media technology, color-management, media design, database publishing, advertising production, MAC OS and application support with professional experience and/or HTML, CSS, website design, CMS Customizing, SEM,

An image of Shawn Collins, Lead Designer

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured Designer is Shawn Collins, Lead Designer at About.me and GoProject Films.  Also, he is a Partner at Osteria Stellina.  Collins and his wife reside in Point Reyes, California.  To learn more about Shawn Collins, please check out his about.me page.

An image of Jairo Arango, Creative Director & Graphic Designer

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured Designer is Jairo Arango, Graphic Designer & Creative Director located in Toronto, Canada.   Arango is a Media veteran and Design Thinker.  He is
interested in Aviation, and Automotive Design, Architecture, Fashion, Advertising, Marketing and other related fields.  To learn more about Jairo Arango, please check out his about.me page.  Below, is a snippet of his page!

An image of Melina Grants, Photographer & Designer

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured Photographer and Designer is Melina Grants of Yerevan, Armenia. Grants has professional experience in fashion, costume, textile and shoe design.  She prefers working with mixed combinations of photographs, illustrations, collages, national elements and similar. Presently, as a Graphic Designer, Grants has applied her talent and skill to advertising displays, stands, trademarks, and designed graphics for the exteriors of boutiques, entertainment centers, restaurants and other enterprises. To learn more about Melina Grants, please check out her about.me page. Below, is a snippet of her page!

an image Zeljka Stella Lucev, Web & Graphic Designer

Hello, Everyone!  Today's featured Designer is Zeljka Stella Lucev of Zagreb, Croatia.  Lucev specializes in Public Relations, DTP Design, Graphic Design and Web Design. To learn more about Zeljka Stella Lucev, please check out her about.me page. Below, is a snippet of her page!

An image of Emil Paje, Photographer

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured Photographer is Emil Paje of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Paje specializes in Professional Photography for Weddings, Commercial projects, Products, Portraits, Lifestyle Photography, Fashion and Events. To learn more about Emil Paje, please check out his about.me page. Below, is a snippet of his page!

An image of Footwear Designer, Bia Gusmão

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured Designer is Bia Gusmão of Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Gusmão is the

Today's featured Website Designer

Website Designer, Dianne Garcia

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured Website Designer is Dianne Garcia of Metro Manila, Philippines. Garcia is multi-lingual; she knows English, Tagalog, Taiwanese Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, and

An image of Harsh Vardhan, Refigeration & HVAC Designer

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured Designer is Harsh Vardhan of Pantnagar. Vardhan is a Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Designer. His area of expertise includes HVAC product

An image of Stephen Missah, Designer and Blog Writer

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured Designer is Stephen Missah of Reading, United Kingdom. Missah specializes in Product Design. He's a budding Inventor inspired by the perfect design and function(s)

An image of Marianna Holoway, Architect & Designer

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured Architect & Designer is Marianna Holoway of Greece, and New York. Holoway has specialized in Architectural Design and Industrial Design. Her design-range

An image of Stefano Sessolo, Architetti

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured architect/architetti is Stefano Sessolo of Italy.  Below is a brief biography about Sessolo from his about.me webpage.

Spilimbergo (PN) 1972. Nel 1996 è tra i soci fondatori di Agitazione Elastica, gruppo che opera sul territorio con interventi di Land Art. Si laurea nel 2002 in Architettura presso lo I.U.A.V. con una tesi di riqualificazione architettonica ed ambientale con il Prof. Arch. C. Magnani e la paesaggista Helene Hoelzl (Olanda).

Nello stesso anno si reca a Cambridge e lavora con il Prof. Arch. Tony Baggs ed in seguito, in Italia, si specializza sui temi del rilievo e della riqualificazione di paesaggio. Gli viene assegnato dallo I.U.A.V. un contratto di ricerca sul tema del "Riuso" in architettura e nel design industriale.

Arcosanti, an experimental town
founded and designed by
Paolo Soleri.
Image courtesy of
Al_HikesAZ at

Hello, Everyone! Today's features Architect, Paolo Soleri, The Prophet in the Desert.  I learned of Mr. Soleri while updating blog links for this blog.  The video trailer is for the documentary The Vision of Paolo Soleri: Prophet in the Desert, and features this great architect's exceptional accomplishments, which began in the '70s, toward his prophetic foresight of today's state of our world. 

This video, also, gives us a glimpse of Paolo Soleri's agelessness; he was still active toward achieving his goal(s) well into his 90s!  Watch him ride his bike!  Like Mr. Soleri, obviously did, I've set my mind to be totally active, ageless and productive well into my 90s and beyond.  Based on what I've seen so far, I think he is another good example of a long, positively-productive life. 

A few interesting facts about Paolo Soleri are:

Hello, Everyone!

Today I featuring the photography talent of Anja Osenberg from Aachen/Roetgen, Deutschland.  Anja is a self-described 'serious amateur photographer' that focuses, mainly, on photographing animals, landscapes and macros.  The cameras that Osenberg uses are the:

  • Canon EOS 500d,
  • Panasonic DMC-Fz8,
  • Samsung Gt-I8190,
  • Canon Digital Ixus 960 Is, and the
  • Kodak Dx6340 Zoom Era.

Below, you will find a few of the photos A.Osenberg has released into public domain, to share with us!

Family Den
Hello, Everyone! Today's featured design is a 'Luxury Cabin Estate' by Locati Architects.  Locati specializes in custom home design with focus on architectural and interior design.  I learned of the Locati Architects firm while viewing images of exquisite luxury cabins for sale, online. Now, I admire so much of Locati's design work, that I will be featuring more of it at this blog.

This luxury cabin estate, pictured below, is the Bridger Canyon Residence located in Bozeman, Montana. It is one of the most gorgeous luxury cabins I've seen, online. The cabin was built by Schlauch Bottcher Construction (they do an extraordinary job of taking architectural drawings from rendering to residence; they build dream homes) and photographed by Karl Neumann (his specialty is development/resort projects, advertising, editorial and studio work, as well as commercial and high-end residential photography, as seen below).  Together, these three entities have created exceptional work(s)!

The home-office of a French-Country Estate in Anaheim, California
Hello, Everyone! I appreciate beautiful architecture and I love to feature the great designs of others, here on this blog. Today's featured structure is a beautiful French-Country, hill-top estate home located in Anaheim Hills, California.  Sitting on top of the hills of Orange County, California provides this estate with glorious views in all directions.  This gorgeous home was designed by Brion Jeannette Architecture, of Newport Beach, California.  This firm provides architectural design services for new homes and estates, as well as remodeling projects. The full scope of the services provided by this firm is available at CustomArchitecture.com.

The Chateau at Woodbridge Place

The Chateau at Woodbridge Place
Hello, Everyone! Today's feature is a one-of-its-kind, custom-built European Chateau, nestled into five hardwood-rich acres in Brooks, Georgia.  It was designed with a historic, country-side French chateau (just beyond beautiful, picturesque La Roque Gageac in southwestern France) in mind.  I'd love to share the names of the design firms with you all.  However, at the moment, I do not know the name of the architectural, landscaping and interior design firm(s) that designed this gorgeous, stone chateau and its landscaping. When that information becomes available I will share it, here.  Please, note that all information shared in this post is believed to be reliable, yet is not guaranteed and should be independently verified. 
La Roque Gageac

Within the walls of this 4700sqft. French-styled European chateau (with an additional 2200sqft. at the unfinished, yet lighted lower-level) are:

Gerbera Daisy Cutters & Multi-center MoldCopper Gerber Daisy

Hello, Everyone! Today's featured abstract is 'Copper Gerber' by Hugo Cruz. It is a painting of a Gerber Daisy on real copper plate. The glossiness of the painting adds to it beauty, for me. I think it is gorgeous!

Cruz is passionate about three distinct art forms: Metal Art, Infrared Photography and Acrylic Painting. In the following video we see an expression of his passion for Acrylic Painting with the gorgeous 'Copper Gerber'. I say,

HGTV Home Design & Remodeling Suite
Design & Remodeling Suite

Home Quick Planner: Reusable, Peel & Stick Furniture & Architectural Symbols
Home Quick Planner

DWR's 3D Room Planner

Hello, Everyone! Today's feature is an online 3D modeling tool by Design Within Reach (DWR), utilized for visually arranging/staging furniture and accessories in a home or office. Utilizing the 3D modeling tool should aide in making purchasing decisions of DWR's funiture and accessories.

DWR's shoppers may upload the blueprints of their interior spaces to the 3D Room Planner. Once the shopper(s) do that a team of in-house designers convert the blueprints into floorplans that are workable. Then, shoppers/users can alter the colors, textures, patterns and dimensions of walls, windows, doors and floors to resemble their own existing rooms in 2D and 3D (two-dimensions and three-dimensions).

I can imagine the delightful possibilities with this tool. I love, love, love online tools like this! You may enjoy this one, too!

Kobi Karp Architecture & Interior Design

Hello, Everyone! Today's feature is of the Kobi Karp Architecture & Interior Design firm. Kobi Karp is known for its high-end condos and resort work for major hotel chains. To stay busy during one downturn, Kobi Karp extended its reach to all corners of the globe, including Angola.

You may like to read Kobi Karp: Architecture, Interior Design, Planning Since 1988: 2 Volumes, as well.

Il Girasole. A House Near Verona
Il Girasole, A House
Near Verona
Il Girasole

Hello, Everyone! Today's feature is an award-winning film by Marcel Meili and Christoph Schaub which tells the story of 'Il Girasole', the rotating modernist house built into the Po Valley hillside in northern Italy. Affectionately termed 'The Sunflower', this house was built in the 1930s by architects Angelo Invernizzi and Ettore Fagiuoli, with the help of their artist, sculptor, designer and architect friends.

For more about 'The Sunflower' house: Il Girasole. A House Near Verona.

Developing the Architecture of the Workplace: Gensler
Developing the Architecture
of the Workplace: Gensler
Gensler's Office Design

Hello, Everyone! Today's feature highlights the Gensler Architectural Design firm's design of their San Francisco office.

In this video Scott Dunlap, Gensler's Managing Director, takes us on a tour of their workspace, which showcases Gensler's creativity with design that encourages client participation, fosters collaboration and has great views.

You may like to read Developing the Architecture of the Workplace: Gensler, as well.


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